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Sponsorship spots are 30-second slots of airtime set aside for promotional media from our sponsors. Slots start at $15/ slot and discounts are given for purchasing slots in bulk. Sponsors are responsible for providing media and slots purchased must be used within 30 days of the first broadcast date.  


Production Assistant: 0-14: $15/slot

Key Grip: 15-28: $14/slot

Assistant Director: 29-56: $13/slot

Director: 57-84: $12/slot

Producer: 85-112: $11/slot

Executive Producer: 113+ $10/slot


There are 2160 slots available each month. Sponsorship level also determines the order in which sponsors can select the day and time their media airs (ex: the Executive Producer level is the highest level and gets priority scheduling ahead of all other levels, then the Producer level, and so forth). 


Katharsis Media staff can help with advising based on the target demographics of the NMED Broadcast Schedule blocks. For example, a promo for a solar company would pair really well with #YouABQ, which is a show all about Albuquerque and real estate. It would be less effective when paired with K-A Haircare, which is a hair style show aimed at middle school age viewers. We will help you determine what are the best times for your promo to air. 

Slots purchased together are for a single piece of media. If you have multiple promos or decide to add a new promo, you will need to purchase a new package of slots. This is to help us cover the costs and labor associated with preparing your media file for broadcast. 


NOTE: As you fill out this form, you will select the "Sponsorship Level", which tells us which price bracket you fall into based on how many slots you are purchasing. Then you will put in the actual number of slots you would like to purchase under "quantity". If you select a Sponsorship Level that does not match up with how many slots you actually purchased, we will need to reconcile the error before proceeding. 


IMPORTANT: All promo videos must follow the "PBS" Model for sponsorship spots. This means that promos are not allowed to include any sort call to action or "selling". This are awarness videos, not commercials. So, instead of saying "Call us today", you are able to say "Here is our phone number". You are able to demonstrate your products, but you are not able to discuss specific prices. You may give them your website or give your store address, you just can't say "visit us today" or things of that nature. PLEASE READ THE INFO SECTION ON THIS PAGE REGARDING THE PBS MODEL FOR MORE INFORMATION. 


If you need to discuss the parameters of the PBS Model, you will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with our staff once you have purchased your slots to review this and any other questions. 

Sponsorship Spots

  • After you purchase your slots, you will recieve an email within 48 hours with a form to upload your media into and to decide what day(s) and time(s) are best for your promo to air. The form will also have an option to set up a virtual meeting with one of our staff for advisement if needed. 


    1. Sponsorship Announcements that identify and acknowledge commercial sponsors/donors are permitted and may include the following information about such, sponsors/donors:

    • Their locations (physical or website addresses).
    • Their telephone numbers or email addresses.
    • Value-neutral descriptions of products or services, including images or demonstrations of these.
    • Trade names or names of product lines or services.
    • Trade names or names of product lines or services.
    • Logograms or slogans that identify but do not promote products or services.
    • Images of sponsor representatives speaking in their own words - subject to these guidelines.

    2. Promotional Announcements (Paid Advertising) that promote products or services of commercial entities in exchange for payment are not permitted; announcements may not include the following:

    • Pricing information, such as in "low price of $1," or "interest-free financing."
    • Calls to action, such as in "call us today” "shop here to discover your style," "sit on our patio ... the fun never stops, see you here." or "friendly staff to greet you."
    • Qualitative/comparative descriptions of products or services, such as in "better quality than you could imagine” "best-tasting burritos in town," or "latest, amazing fashion meets timeless style."
    • Inducements to buy or rent a product, hire a service, or attend an event, such as in "buy one, get one free," "free parking," or “special gift for first 20 renters."

    3. Duration/Scheduling of Announcements must be consistent with noncommercial programming.

    • Announcements must not be longer than thirty (30) seconds.
    • Announcements must not interrupt programming; they may be broadcast at the programs beginning of end or during the intermission, “half-time” or other break in the action.

    If you need to discuss the parameters of the PBS Model, you will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with our staff once you have purchased your slots to review this and any other questions. 

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