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Katharsis Media is a 501(c)(3) film production and nonprofit organization that produces, trains, and provides resources to the film community.

In partnership with the City of Albuquerque, Katharsis Media runs the New Mexico Education Channel / Comcast local 96. 

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About Katharsis Media

Katharsis Media is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to:

  • Educate, entertain, and inspire the community through the performing arts, with a special emphasis on theatre, dance, and film.

  • Provide a living wage for performing artists who teach, create, direct, and produce.

  • Foster and develop, through workshops and other appropriate means, the artistic talents and skills of company members and other interested persons.

  • Reward and recognize artists in the community through awards, prizes, and scholarships.

  • Provide access to resources, training, and career opportunities for filmmakers and performing artists.

Katharsis Media accomplishes its mission through production of film and theatrical projects, internships, classes, camps, workshops and scholarships.


In partnership with the City of Albuquerque Katharsis Media runs the New Mexico Education Channel / Comcast local 96. 

The NM Educational Access Channel broadcasts on Comcast 96 and is one of the four Public Access channels granted to the City of Albuquerque. Public access television was created by the Federal Communications Commission in the late 1960's to provide a form of non-commercial mass media where the general public can create television programming for broadcast through the local cable company. Katharsis Media recently partnered with the City of Albuquerque to manage the Educational Access channel.


Through this partnership, Katharsis Media will be able to offer additional opportunities for internships and career exploration. Content for the channel is limited to local, educational content. Local means that either it is produced locally or that it is produced by a resident of Albuquerque or Bernalillo County. Educational means that the content either: a) teaches, trains, or brings awareness; b) showcases student work; or c) is produced by student(s).

Our Stance on Diversity Equity Inclusion and Access:


Katharsis Media embraces and celebrates diversity, and strives to build a community of equity, inclusion, and access. We believe that creativity and the arts flourishes best in an environment that is rich in a diverse body of artists. 


Katharsis Media Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Definitions

Because these terms can be used and understood differently, Katharsis Media has intentionally described how we approach the work that we do in each of these areas as: 



At Katharsis Media, we respect and appreciate differences in gender, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, family composition, education, learning styles, race, religion, and other dimensions. 



We believe in the power of equity by ensuring each student and artist has what they need to be successful and to create art. We strive to meet each student and artist within the context of their own individual circumstances. This poses an important distinction between equity and equality. Equity means that each person gets what he, she, they need, not that each person gets the same thing. The aim is that all students and artists are able to achieve the same outcomes, though the process may be different depending on individual circumstances. 



As artists, we have often been considered misfits in our lives. At Katharsis Media, we are intentional in creating a space of refuge and inclusion for all persons. This intentionality strengthens and encourages our work and is fundamental to our mission. 



The center of our mission is about access. It is about removing barriers and creating bridges to the performing arts. For some, barriers exist because of schedule constraints; for others it is a financial burden; still for others it is childcare or other concerns. We strive to create programs that reduce these barriers for our community. We do this through scholarships, tuition waivers, creative scheduling and intentional problem solving. 

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Content Submissions | School Programs | Filmmaker's Co-Op | Studio Rentals | Equipment Rentals | Crew Directory

Let's collaborate.

NOTE: Production companies retain ALL ownership rights to their content--you simply give us permission to air it. You can still put it in festivals, sell, distribute, etc.
Katharsis Media & The New Mexico Education Channel are looking for local educational content to air on Comcast local 96 and online! 
Educational is anything that: 
  • Teaches, trains, or builds awareness
  • Showcases student work 
  • Is produced by students
Have content that you think is a good fit for NMED 96?
Submit it here----> 
NOTE: this is a google form that requires signing in with a gmail account. If you do not have a gmail account, please contact us at: and we can help you that way! 
We are very excited to partner with schools through:
  • Student News Programs
  • Field trips for K-12th graders 
  • Film projects & competitions
  • Student Film Festivals
  • Internships for high school seniors
  • Educational content for use in the classroom
Our Filmmaker's co-op provides a film friendly co-working space, monthly workshops, studio rentals, and networking opportunities through our Katharsis Studio East location. This is also the home of The Albuquerque Film & Media Incubator! 
Whether you need to film an audition tape, space to host a class, or a full on production studio, Katharsis Media & The NM Education Channel have you covered. 

Katharsis Studio East (7911 Mountain Rd NE, Ste F) is the perfect place for:
  • Self-tapes
  • Studio production space 
  • Classes & rehearsals
  • Co-working & networking
Studio 519 (519 Central Ave NW) offers: 
  • Larger studio production space
  • Equipment rentals
  • Editing bays
Filming a project and need equipment? The New Mexico Education Channel has equipment rentals available for FREE to those producing content for the channel. All renters must be trained on the equipment prior to use. Contact us for training.

Check out the equipment available on the Studio 519 website for more information. 
Katharsis Media is a filmmaker Co-Op at its core, so it only makes sense for us to have a crew directory for filmmakers to peruse when it comes time to crew up for your next production. 

This isn't quite ready yet, so check back in the coming weeks!

Partner with Katharsis Media

We are looking for local businesses, organizations, and individuals to partner with Katharsis Media to elevate NM Film. With the power of the NM Education Channel, there are plenty of benefits of partnering with us to bring awareness to your business or project. Plus, every dollar you donate helps us continue this important work. 

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