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Broadway Bound LIVE is a docu-series that follows 18 young Broadway hopefuls through a semester of training and 8 rounds of elimination to produce a Musical Theatre Champion--and recipient of a $60,000 scholarship to AMDA College of the Performing Arts in New York City.


Unlike other performance competition shows, this opportunity is only open to those who qualify based on a demonstration of financial need. This allows us to level the playing field and provide access to low income individuals who likely have not had access to the same levels of training and preparation as their more affluent peers.


This program is part television show, part scholarship program. In addition to the opportunity to compete for the $60,000 Scholarship, all contestants receive 16 weeks of private vocal, group dance, and group acting lessons, master classes on industry topics like marketing, audition techniques, and resume building, to name a few. Whether they take first place or are eliminated in round 1, every one of these students will have access to professional training for the entire semester and will emerge better prepared to purse their dreams of a career in professional musical theatre.


Every season is different, but the framework is the same. Competitive rounds measure skills necessary to success in this industry--singing, dancing, acting, improv, and overall performance. Each round is worth 50 points--40 points from a panel of expert adjudicators and 10 points awarded by the audience.


In addition to the competitive rounds, contestants are taught dedication and responsibility. They are also awarded points towards their total score for attending rehearsals, being on time, following instructions, completing paperwork, bios, attending appointments, and demonstrating personal excellence. This comprises 60% of their overall points, coupling determination with raw talent to produce a worthy champion.


The season airs on local public access stations in the hometown of every contestant cast on the show as well as the entertainment hubs of New York City and Los Angeles.

NOTE: This is for REFERENCE only. The Official Season 2 Point System will be published along with the Official Rules at the start of the season (February 5, 2023). Prior to that, these rules are tentative and subject to change.  

Points are awarded for auditions, interviews, rehearsals, completion of assignments(60%), and performance in elimination rounds (40%)

Here's how the point system breaks down.




Contestants are awarded up to 10 points for submission of their audition tape. Initial auditions consist of a recorded monologue and 32 bar vocal audition piece. Points are awarded using a scoring rubric that accounts for acting and vocal ability. 2 points will be deducted for tapes submitted after the initial audition deadline.


We will invite up to 30 applicants to call backs. In-person call backs will be treated like an elimination round--with up to 50 points awarded. Each of 5 adjudicators will score contestants on a total 10-point scale for an assigned monologue, vocal selection, and dance audition routine. In addition, contestants will attend a 3 hour dance workshop (15 points) and complete an interview (2.5pts).


The top 18 contestants will be chosen as the official cast for Season 2. If for any reason a contestant is unable to make the commitment for the season, the next highest ranked individual will be invited to take their place.


Rehearsal hours are awarded points at 5 points per hour and points are deducted for every minute a contestant arrives late or leaves early. Contestants clock in and out with the stage manager using a personal pin to ensure accuracy. Private rehearsals (such as individual vocal lessons) use a time card system that is signed off on by their vocal coach.


Rehearsals for each round vary in hours, but each week contestants have a private vocal lesson, group dance and group acting classes, and a minimum of 2 hours of additional rehearsal to prepare for the round. Once the Finale Round begins, rehearsals become daily for 3-5 hours per day for a period of 6 weeks.



Contestants are required to complete on-camera interviews each week and at the end of each competitive round. They are awarded 2.5 points for each interview.


Elimination Rounds:

Contestants can earn up to 50 points for each regular elimination round--40 points awarded by a panel of 4 adjudicators and 10 additional points awarded through audience vote. The audience vote constitutes between 7-12% of the overall score at any point in the competition. In addition to call backs, there are 7 regular elimination rounds.



The Finale Round:

The finale round is the production of an original full length musical that will debut on our stage and will perform 3 times, and up to 50 points awarded for each performance.

Why are points awarded for the audience vote?

Excellent question. As a performer, your first obligation is to THE AUDIENCE--not your director, not the critics, not even your cast-mates. The audience opinion is the one that truly matters. This is why we include the audience vote. 

It is important to note that the audience vote counts for no more than 7-12% of the entire overall score. This is enough to make a difference, but the biggest factor is actually staying diligent in attending rehearsals and performing your best in the elimination rounds. 

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