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Saturdays & Sundays at 9am MST on Comcast local 27
also broadcast live online at

Some people have a bucket list; some have a to do list. Some live life free from any list. Candice Neu has an agenda—a time conscious, action driven, and incredibly intentional list—of the many things she intends to accomplish, overcome, or experience in life. Join her every week as she meets up with fellow sojourners who are out there conquering obstacles and accomplishing their dreams.
What’s on YOUR agenda??

If you thought Season 5 was incredible--just wait for Season 6! 

While you're waiting, enjoy some highlights from last season. 

Highlight 1: Episode 11: "How to go from Surviving to Thriving"--an interview with BossWear Official owner, Celina Trujillo and discussion about bringing beauty more than skin deep and supporting fellow female entrepreneurs. (00:00:00)


Highlight 2: Episode 13: "Up Close with "Hamilton" Touring Cast! Picking Edred Utomi & Stephani Umoh's brains about what it takes to make it on Broadway--the many different paths to get there, and the joys (and struggles) of being on a National Tour! (00:09:30)


Highlight 3: Episode 8: Do You Have a Goal? 
An interview with an up and coming new artist, Sophia Golding. Plus--a sneak peek at her latest EP! (00:19:19)



Want to watch it in person?? Be a part of our in-studio audience for the chance to play games, win prizes, and participate in an after show Q&A with the guests!!

Join our live studio audience!

Did you know that audience members on The Neu Agenda get the exclusive opportunity to meet and ask questions of our guests, raffles and door prizes, and even some cool promo gifts just for being here?? Join our live studio audience and jazz up your Monday night!!

We film Monday evenings from 7-8pm in downtown Albuquerque. Come join us!

Want to perform on
The Neu Agenda?

We are looking for live performers to feature on The Neu Agenda for Season 4! Performers will get an 8-10 minute segment to perform live on the show before our studio audience! Interested or know someone who might be?

Want to be a part of something great?


The Neu Agenda is in need of sponsors for this season! You can donate items for door prizes for guests, donate cool experiences for Candice to come out and try, or donate funds directly to the show to help cover the many costs of The Neu Agenda! Sponsors receive shout outs, web links, and other perks! 

Want to be a guest on our show?

We are always looking for interesting dreamers to interview on The Neu Agenda. Think you or someone you know might be a great fit for the show? Have a great cause to share about or an awesome new invention, a proud journey to achieving your goals to inspire others with??

Let us know about yourself or recommend someone else!

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