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Some people have a bucket list; some have a to do list. Some live life free from any list. Candice Neu has an agenda—a time conscious, action driven, and incredibly intentional list—of the many things she intends to accomplish, overcome, or experience in life. Join her every week as she meets up with fellow sojourners who are out there conquering obstacles and accomplishing their dreams.
What’s on YOUR agenda??

Season 3 Episode 2: This week on the Neu Agenda, Justin Jackrabbit talks about the hops and jumps of his career as stunt actor, actor, and member of the Civil War Calvary! Colleen Kay shines as Candice puts her on the spot to perform an original song. Plus Film Festival spotlights, MadVan Fashion, and updates on a few of your favorite past Neu Agenda guests! Tune in Saturday February 5th & Sunday February 6th at 9am MST on Comcast Local 27 (ABQ) or online at www.studio519abq.com/watch

Next week, we have Aeryn Lee and her production team on to talk about their new film, Permafrost! 
Want to watch it in person?? Be a part of our in-studio audience for the chance to play games, win prizes, and participate in an after show Q&A with the guests!!

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