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AMDA: A Premiere School and Our Biggest Sponsor

AMDA is the biggest sponsor of Broadway Bound Live. They have generously provided us with not one, not two, not even three, but four scholarships to compete for, and each one is renewable for up to four years! That means that a lucky four of us will be able to get a degree from one of the premiere performing arts schools in the heart of the industry - New York City. These scholarships equate to nearly a million dollars worth of schooling, of which the importance can not be overstated for low-income students like ourselves. AMDA’s incredible commitment to equity and inclusion is evident through their sponsorship of our program.

One of the things that sets AMDA apart from many other schools is they were one of the first to emphasize the importance of “cross-training” for performers. Especially for Broadway performers, it is invaluable to receive a broad performing arts education to be competitive in the industry. AMDA is sure to make sure that all of its aspiring Broadway performers are strong actors, singers, and dancers. This interdisciplinary approach is now the industry standard, and AMDA paved the way!

Through AMDA, we are afforded the chance to study alongside working professionals ranging from casting directors to working actors in the heart of the industry in New York City. The school emphasizes performance-based training, offering a plethora of performance opportunities every year, and educates its students on industry experience. Basically, AMDA is one of the best schools to prepare any aspiring performer for the realities of the industry.

AMDA has countless alumni currently working on Broadway in a vast variety of shows. They also have many Broadway big hitters to their name, including Anthony Ramos, Tyne Daly, and, one of my favorites, Christopher Jackson. Four of us will be fortunate enough to add our names to their long list of incredibly talented alumni!

Having AMDA sponsor our show is beyond a dream come true as it gives each of us contestants something to aspire to and, for those of us fortunate enough to receive a generous scholarship, limitless resources for success on Broadway.

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