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Meet Katharsis Media!

Ever wonder who is behind the scenes of Broadway Bound Live making everything work? Well that would be none other than Katharsis Media! Katharsis is a nonprofit production company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The production company focuses on educational and philanthropic content. Their mission is to provide a platform for artists and inspire the community with amazing works of creativity. In addition to making content, Katharsis also provides training in the technical aspects of film and theater through internships. They also provide spaces, like the film makers co-op, where artists can go and create and utilize the resources available to them. Through this and their collaborative approach to productions, Katharsis fosters an friendly environment where artists and technical crew can develop their skills in the industry. Through this they are able to make incredible programs like The Neu Agenda, The Green Room, and, of course, Broadway Bound Live!

It would be remiss to not mention that Candice Neu, the founder and executive director of Katharsis Media, recently won an award for best educational public access programming, which is an incredible and well deserved honor! Without Katharsis Media, there would be no Broadway Bound Live. I cannot express my gratitude to everyone involved with Katharsis Media for making this experience possible for all of us contestants.

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