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How I Prepare for a Musical Theater Audition

As a performer, you will have to audition more times than you can count. Having a consistent ritual before auditions is a great way to be less stressed and feel more prepared. Here are some things that help me get ready and may help you too!

(me waiting for an audition!)

  1. Review - the night before your audition, run through everything you need to present. I often mark through my audition song two to three times as a way to review technique but to not strain my voice in the process. If I am performing a monologue, I will read through it a few times just before going to bed, as I find my memorization is best if I review just before I sleep.

  2. Sleep - sleep is beyond essential for performing at your best. Especially for singers, missing out on a full eight hours of sleep can dramatically affect the quality of your voice. It will also help you be alert and act quickly on your feet.

  3. Food - nerves may make you feel nauseous but it is essential to give your body the nutrients it needs to function at its highest capacity. Generally (for singers), it is suggested that you eat a high protein meal that is devoid of dairy, fried foods, or processed sugars (as these can coat your throat and affect the quality of your voice). My favorite meal is chicken and rice! For me, I find that I have to time my meal approximately two hours before an audition that I’m singing at; any earlier and my stomach rumbles during the audition, any later and my throat feels clogged.

  4. Hydrate - for singers proper hydration is essential for your vocal cords. Room temperature water or warm herbal tea with honey is generally suggested by vocal coaches before an audition. The best way to hydrate is to start far before your audition, taking small sips of water throughout the day. I personally avoid anything that has a high sugar content or caffeine, as there is evidence these can affect the quality of your voice.

  5. Arrive early - not only is punctuality important to your casting director, but I find that it reduces my stress levels significantly if I give myself a decent berth of time between arriving on location and my actual audition.

  6. Clear your mind - in the time immediately before my audition, I combat my nerves by not hyper fixating on the task at hand because it only makes me more nervous. You have already done everything you can to prepare, there is no use in stressing yourself out. Doing some square breaths while sitting quietly is my preferred method for calming myself and preparing for being called into the audition room.

And there you have it - my method for audition preparation. Let me know if you find any of these tips helpful !

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