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Becoming more comfortable & confident when dancing!

Dance is such a broad spectrum, and people can dig deeper into their different personas and how they want to represent themselves in whatever genre of dance they're in whether they're angry, happy, sad, confident, sexy, or whatever!

You can become someone completely different as soon as you feel the movement in your body, but the only way you can channel those emotions and feelings is when you're fully comfortable and confident in yourself and the movements. Down below are 3 main things you can remind yourself and also think about when attending your next dance class, audition, performance, etc:

  1. The only person judging you is YOU. When it comes to dancing, most people are so worried about themselves and how they look, they're barely ever focused on the way others loom around them unless they REALLY need to be.

  2. Allow yourself to feel the music and enjoy the moment! Dancing is a form of expression and communication, you should be able to express however you feel regardless of your surroundings.

  3. HAVE FUN! At the end of the day, you're performing and moving your body. Relax! Enjoy yourself and the time you have with so many other creative minds just like YOURS!

If you can remember those 3 things the next time you go to a dance class or audition, I promise you will feel so much better about yourself and those around you!

Simone Ari Moffett

Broadway Bound Live S2

April 14th, 2023

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