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A message from our Sponsor

Today I had the honor of meeting with one of the lovely managers of Diamond Elite Luxury Homes and asked her a few questions about herself as well as why DELH chose to partner with Broadway Bound Live. Here are her answers, hope you enjoy them!

Who are you and what is your relationship with Diamond Elite Luxury Homes?

- "My name is Jenny Ann, and I am the Leasing Manager for Diamond Elite Luxury Homes. I am in charge of overseeing the leasing of rental properties, such as apartments, office buildings, or retail spaces, on behalf of property owners or management companies. My main role is to find and retain tenants."

Why did Diamond Elite Luxury Homes decide to partner with Broadway Bound Live?

- "We see Broadway Bound Live as a great opportunity for young artists of low income to retain the knowledge and education about the performing arts. We wanted to help out as best as we can, which is why we chose to offer free housing for all out-of-state contestants such as yourself."

Why do you support the arts?

- "I think that the arts is a very hard industry to come by and because of how competitive it is, so many people put their entire heart, mind, and soul into their work just to make it. That kind of dedication is truly admirable and though we aren't there to see all of the work you all have put in thus far in the competition, we know that you all are working hard and making a change, and that's why we support."

Lastly, a message to all performers around the world

- "Never stop chasing your dreams, you never know when your big break will be, and even then keep chasing. Never give up!"

I want to thank Jenny Ann, and Diamond Elite Luxury Homes, for providing a roof over my head these last few months, as well as continuing to support Broadway Bound Live and The Arts!

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