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Different Types of Support and Drive

I'm gonna be talking about something that is very important not just for singing, dancing, and acting, but for anything you do in life as well. The three types of support and drive that I'm gonna be talking about today is support, mindset, and self. Now these sound confusing right now, but just hang with me and let me explain.

The first one I'm going to be discussing is the most obvious and that's support. Support is important and to have people you know who do support you is always a step in the right direction. Now most people have family and friends that support them, but there's not a better feeling than a random person saying that they can see you doing it (whatever it is you're doing). For example for me it was after performing a song for solo musical speech competition, a random dude who I later found out was a choir director and has done voice lessons for a massive school in Iowa said that they can really see me following this career path and that I should believe in myself. He didn't have to say any of that or he could have kept it to himself, but he went out of his way to tell me that and it's really pushed me to keep going. Because if he thinks I'm good then surely some other people do.

Next I'm going to discuss, arguable, the most confusing and hardest to grasp for some people. This is one that I strive on the most. Mindset, now this sounds confusing at first and it ties in with the other two, but when I say mindset it's the mindset to take what people say and use it. For example there is nothing that pushes me more than somebody saying I can't do that. Immediately I want to prove them wrong and I'll do everything in my power to do so. An example of this for me is my mom. Now she loves and supports me more than anyone, but she does want me to go down a different career path and go to college and such. She doesn’t see it this way, but when she tells me these things it’s like saying she doesn’t think I can make it. This makes me want to make it so much more. I can’t fail. It’s not an option.

Finally I’m going to talk about self. This one is also pretty self explanatory, but confidence in yourself. Being able to recognize that you have the abilities to make it in whatever field you want to be in. Waking up in the morning and being able to say “I’m one step closer to making it”. It goes back to the quote in the other blog post “We can never stop failing because the moment we do, we failed” it really is my favorite quote and I’m never gonna stop using it. So until next time guys. cya.

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