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You're a Catch so Come Watch this Musical

The musical is called “You’re a Catch, So Why are You Single?”. Showing at the NHCC on May 20th(7pm) and May 21st(2pm). So let me give you a few reasons to come watch

Yes it may be a bit raunchy, but it tells a beautiful story of what it’s like online dating. You get every emotion you could think of. Songs about sadness, about joy, about big penises and about being confused about love. That’s just the cherry.

The singers in this show are absolutely incredible, my personal favorite singer is this guy named Zac Logemann he seems to be doing pretty good. He does a really adorable voice during his song it’s the beginning of the love interest.

I don’t want to give to much away so I won’t, but the director Candice Nue has worked extremely hard putting this production together and I know she would appreciate it if you showed up also.

Alright back into why this is such a perfect musical. It was originally a song cycle meaning each scene was different characters and everyone had their own song, but we ordered it so it has a story and it’s a telling of a girl named Becky. She doesn’t like Christmas because her family always asks about her special someone which she doesn’t have.

There are lots of mini stories throughout the show and at least one of the characters you’ll be able to relate to on some level. That’s another reason this musical is absolutely incredible.

Well I might’ve given to much away already so I’ll leave ya with this. If you really like musicals I would recommend coming to see it, however if musicals aren’t your thing I totally get it, but if you like supporting local artists I would came watch it’ll be fun and you’ll have a good time. Until then. Cya.

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