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Hey, my name is Zachery Logemann. I’m 19 and I guess I’ll be writing about my knowledge and experiences with musicals. I don’t know how qualified I truly am to be writing about this, but I've been in few musicals and thanks to BroundwayBoundLive I've got voice, acting, and dance lessons. So maybe I can give a little input on somethings, but overall I just want this to be enjoyable for both the reader and I. Those are my goals for this and maybe somebody can get a little info out of this and hopefully I'll learn something as-well. I was born December, 2nd 2003 in West Virginia then moved to Iowa when I was around 3 or 4. I lived in Iowa for the rest of my time until now. I don't know what else people want to know about me so that's probably why its so short. For a good midwest leave you have to go with an, alright welp next time I’ll be talking about how to become a triple threat and the struggles that come with it. So hopefully I was entertaining enough for you to wanna read that one too. See ya then.

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