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Isaiah, My Story So Far, My Artistry

When I journey down my history in the arts I am reminded of the multidimensional nature of my artistry. As far back as I can remember I wanted to feel happy and to bring happiness to others. The invigorating nature of the audience, the pure exhilaration of applause. The fantasy and simultaneous truth that contains fragments of my soul and the soul of all of us in each piece of art. I remember performing in my grandparent’s front yard to Michael Jackson.

I remember staying up after 9 pm to watch Lady Gaga on the video music awards in 2009 to watch her performance art. I remember being glued to the screen watching a documentary on the original Broadway cast of Phantom of The Opera. I had a collection of CDs of singer songwriters-pop/rock divas-classical music, and I would carry a speaker and all my CDs wherever I would go. Music and Art have been a part of my life for as long as I remember.

I remember walking down the dirt road to play my aunt's untuned piano and I was obsessed, obsessed with any and everything pertaining to the arts, constantly seeking. My grandmother was a painter and visual art was encouraged often as I was with her often. I finally begged my mom enough to get me piano lessons, and my father for my thirteenth birthday gifted me my first keyboard and so it all began. I practiced on that keyboard late at night in my bedroom until the noise was too much for everyone to bare, reading, and writing songs, poetry, and melodies. Anytime I have been sad I have picked up a paintbrush and made strokes, a pen to make strides, and googled words and scanned dictionaries to attempt to release the vast emotion within. I remember getting my first role ever in a production written by David Olson for a bio-production about Mora NM and its history. They had us gather stories from our families and included them in production along with well-crafted monologues and poetry.

From here I attended and finished high school at NMSA performing arts institute in Santa Fe NM and received a dual diploma in Theater in addition to my academic studies. When I finished, I discovered there was more curiosity for the many dreamscapes that my creativity could lead me to. I then moved to participate in community theater at Albuquerque Little Theater while working two jobs. It was around this time in 2016 that I auditioned for AMDA New York, and I got accepted but could not attend for financial reasons. It broke my heart deeply but still, my obsession for creativity was unrelenting.

At this point in my life, I fell in love with my individuality, for the first time since my early mid-childhood, I began exploring glamour and writing my own music, reading, and studying fashion privately those that inspired me with a sharp eye. I began doing drag in my bedroom at three in the morning when everyone was asleep with pop music blasting in my ears. I sought and sought and sought my tribe, I scoured film and modeling pages. I came upon a modeling audition and that is where I met my agent and dear friend Deidre Michelle. From there I participated in my first work as a model in Santa Fe Fashion Week as an androgynous model.

I worked on sets as background early on where I would meet Candice Neu of Broadway Bound Live, later graduating to photo double and spoken word work. I also participated with Teresa Robinson of New Mexico Entertainments Favorite Obsessions Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast for two years. I began a nightlife career as a drag and performance artist and achieved some notable recognition as a founding member of a prominent drag troupe, touring our paid shows and pride events. It was beautiful to see my remarkable community in the audience, eyes glistening with comradery.

At this point 2020 hit and ravaged mine and millions upon millions of other people's lives as well. I began other academic ventures and even explored my visual artistry as well, painting with oils and acrylics–even sketching until the stage called. I waited for a year patiently auditioning for film roles and commercials until that call came, and it was Broadway Bound Live. I have extracted from my experiences so much love, wisdom, and pure joy and to capture it all with words would be a task for an entire book, however, I will just say this: creativity for me is what gravity is for life on earth, necessary–omnipresent. The events in this blog are a condensed version of my artistic experiences from early youth until now where I sit aged 25 years old. I know that the multifaceted nature of my creativity is powerful and when channeled correctly can inspire and unite. Thank you for reading a brief representation of my experiences as a multidisciplinary artist, I have much to learn, much to show, and many stages to occupy.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova is a professional model, working actor–musician, and contestant finalist for Broadway Bound Live Season 2. He can be located on IMBd-isaiahromerocordova, instagram @the_isaiahromerocordova_, and TikTok @the_isaiaromerocordova.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova

Broadway Bound Live

15th May 2023

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