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Punctuality and it’s Power

Punctuality can be used as a meter to measure an individual’s level of commitment toward a goal. When an individual is punctual to a photo shoot, a meeting, a rehearsal, a date with a friend, or an important life event–clearly put, it shows they care and have made it a priority to be in immediate attendance for something they value. The power of punctuality is that you can be the least talented person in the room, but if you work towards that goal endlessly–consistently and show your devotion to self-growth, people in good positions will take notice and want your company. There is something to be said when an individual is punctual, it means they understand that time is quite literally money.

It shows that you not only value your time but the time of others and that has an impact. Even when you think no one is noticing, they absolutely are. One of the main people noticing is you, your subconscious mind learns what you do and do not care about from your interactions with the rest of the world.

When you allow being late to be habitual with no attempt to adjust you have chosen to communicate, consciously or not, to all those around you and yourself, that you do not take this seriously enough to really put enough weight around it for it to grow. When you are punctual habitually it bleeds into all aspects of your life, and you only have more to gain.

When you are habitually late, you only have more and more to lose across the board. Be aware that anything you are not changing, you are choosing. Releasing blame and taking accountability when you have infringed upon yourself and others by being late is the only way toward growth. Show the world your value by first valuing yourself enough to show up consistently for something you love.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova is a professional model, working actor–musician, and contestant finalist for Broadway Bound Live Season 2. He can be located on IMBd-isaiahromerocordova, instagram @the_isaiahromerocordova_, and TikTok @the_isaiaromerocordova.

Isaiah Romero-Cordova

Broadway Bound Live

10th May 2023

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