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There’s a new face in town 🎭

Updated: Feb 7, 2023


The Neu Agenda has a NEU host this week! (See what I did there?)

And her name is Ophelia! Big smile and Big personality! This is one you don’t want to miss.

As for yours truly, I’ll be making an appearance from a location out of the country. Because, that’s right, I’m TRAVELING!

Living my best life + bringing you more inspiring people that are chasing dreams here in ABQ! Tune in to get an inside look at two short films hitting the Dark Red Horror Film Festival this month and meet their makers; Writer/Director Kristin Goodman & Writer/Director Tim McClelland.

Follow and Support Our Guests

Follow Kristin Goodman on IG at: @goodman.kristin & @themaidshortfilm

Follow Tim McClelland on YouTube at: Snakes & Funerals

And get tickets to the Dark Red Horror Film Festival at

Follow our Guest Host on IG: @cashmerekitty._

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in Season 4 Episode 7:

  • Trailer for The Maid

  • Trailer for The Second Signal

  • Goal setting: How to find spontaneity in Task Listing

  • ME! Gracing your screens from a beautiful beach in…. tune in to find out ;)

  • And the difference between Visionaries and Dreamers!

TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AT 9AM MST ON COMCAST 27! Or watch online at or watch this episode here on Youtube!

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