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What an Acting Coach has Taught Me

Updated: May 3, 2023

Starting off pretty simple with answering the question. Who is my acting coach? My acting coaches name is Monique Candelaria. She's been in shows such as "Lovecraft Country" and "Breaking Bad". She's taught me so much about her style of acting, so let me give you a little insight into that.

Monique likes to work off of chakras. different chakras effecting you differently. For example if you're playing a super confident character maybe even with some ego then you would explode your heart chakra. I don't know if I necessarily believe in chakras, but I view it as posture and presence. The heart chakra is just your chest and leading with that would be it exploded. Using all of them to create different characters and being able to easily change from yourself into this character.

Another thing she has taught me is when you're auditioning think of the animal that most matches the character you're auditioning for. Are they sly like a snake, beautiful yet dangerous like a panther. Maybe they're slow and methodical like a turtle. Whichever way you sway try and incorporate that animal into what you're performing. This also allows us to get in and out of character a lot easier.

Finally she talk about using verbs in the way you speak. An example of this could be the word twist. If your sentence is "I love you" you would say that completely different if you had to incorporate the word twist somehow. Monique told me to get a bunch of popsicle sticks and write different verbs on them. Then when I have an audition line try it using 3-5 different verbs. I can then decide which way I like the most and send that one in.

I understand everyone has their own way of acting. I just want to learn everything I can to find the process which works best for me. Learning a bit of everything and then implementing your favorites or even just ones you think work best for you is what I hope to accomplish. For now I've got this one under my belt, but I'm hoping to learn lots more in the near future.

Thanks for reading if you did and hopefully you learned something. I've got some more cool blog posts if this one did a good job of enticing you. Until next time reader, to infinity and beyond (I don't know).

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