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Career Pathways Practicums

Training New Mexicans in Film Industry Professions

Practicums are 5-20 hours per week depending on the goals and availability of the student. Interns receive hands-on training in all departments of film and film production, working side by side industry professionals as they build their film resume and gain IMDb Credit. Interns have the opportunity to work on both in-studio projects and independent (on-location) film productions. This is done in two phases: a rotation phase and a professional phase. Each program completes 180 hours of hands-on training.

Practicum programs are designed to align with the various labor unions and guilds within the film industry. During their rotation phase, interns will gain insight and experience into each of the labor unions / guilds and which departments they cover. 

Note that union and guild membership sometimes varies by geographic location, so our practicums are designed to align with requirements for whichever union / guild covers work done in the state of New Mexico. 

Interns receive a certificate of completion upon completion of both phases of the program. Interns may advance into phase 2 if they have had sufficient prior experience or formal training through completion of an approved post-secondary film program. 


Practicums are open to high school juniors and seniors as well as adults ages 18+.

Note: Youth and Adult programs are run separately. 

Tuition is $2700 per phase and includes all books, equipment rentals, and masterclasses. Payment plans, limited merit scholarships and financial aid are available. 


NOTE: We have ONE scholarship for an APS junior or senior for the 2023-2024 school year. Please apply if interested. 

Program Overview

Flexible Hours & Elective Credit

Because interns have varying schedules and available time, we build their weekly intern schedule around their work or academic schedule. The intern determines how many hours per week they have available (minimum of 5 hours per week) and we work within those confines to build their schedule. Interns work through their program at their own pace to reach 180 total hours in each program. Tuition may be divided into monthly payments based on how long it will take the intern to complete the program. 

In-Studio and On-Location Training

Interns accomplish their intern hours working on live projects through a combination of in-studio and on-set productions. Interns select from a variety of weekly television shows being produced for the New Mexico Education Channel and join the production team for the duration of their internship. In addition, Katharsis Media partners with local producers of feature length and short films to provide additional on-location training on live sets. First Interns serve as production assistants assigned to a specific department (according to where they are in their rotation) and gain IMDb credit for each project they work on.

IMDb Credit: 

IMDb credit is the way that professionals in the film industry record their work. It is essentially their film resume and usually the only record of work that is accepted across the industry. In general, student productions are not acceptable for IMDb credit. Students in this program do not work on student productions, rather they work side by side industry professionals on actual productions that will be broadcast on Comcast 96 or 27.

Academic Eligibility:

(High School Students only)

High School interns are learning to juggle the demands of school alongside their internship requirements, a social life, and possibly clubs and other extracurricular activities. Student interns are required to be enrolled in school or an approved home school program during their internship and are required to maintain sufficient academic progress. Sufficient Academic Progress means that they maintain a C (75%) or higher average in all of their classes. Students are required to submit grade checks every 6 weeks. Interns that do not meet academic eligibility requirements will be placed on academic probation until they meet academic eligibility. During this time, they are still expected to come to the studio, but will be working on make up work or studying rather than working on their projects. If interns are not able to bring up their grades within the 6-week probation period, they will no longer be eligible to participate. This is not applicable for Adult Interns. 

Classroom Training:

Before an intern begins work in a new film department, they receive classroom training to understand the theory and fundamentals necessary. These are offered as masterclasses and are also open for general admission by the public. Interns that are unable to attend the masterclass due to scheduling constraints are able to access the recorded class and practice activities online as well.

Rotation Year:

First year interns rotate through each film department, working as production assistants as they learn the skills needed for the department to function. This provides a more complete understanding of the film industry, allowing students to prepare for and determine an area of focus. Interns spend roughly 12 hours in each of 13 departments: Production, Script, Location, Camera, Sound, Grip, Electrical,

Art, Hair & Makeup, Wardrobe, Post Production, Visual Effects, Post Production (Sound / Music), and spend the final 24 hours specializing in one department of choice, totaling 180 hours to complete the rotation.


Professional Year: 

Second year interns declare an area of focus and spend the first 90 hours working as assistants in that department (and various different roles within the department) and then move into leading the department for the final 90 hours as they work to produce a feature length film or limited series under the guidance of their mentors. Interns receive IMDb credit accordingly. 

Advancement by Credit: 

Students may apply directly into the professional year program if they have prior experience and are able to demonstrate competency.  An interview and resume are required for interns who wish to begin with the professional program. 

Important Notes & Dates:

Internships are housed at The City of Albuquerque's Public Access station, 519 Central Ave NW. Interns and families are responsible for transportation to and from the studio. We are working to procure funding for transportation and will inform interns and families if options become available. 


Application Deadlines:  

Fall / Academic Year Internships: August 31, 2022 at 5pm.  

Spring Internships: December 1, 2022 at 5pm. 

We will notify all Fall intern applicants of decisions by September 5, 2022. Fall internships begin September 12, 2022. Spring intern applicants will be notified by December 15, 2022. Spring Internships begin January 9, 2023. 

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