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Summer Film Intensive

Training New Mexicans in Film Industry Professions

This summer Katharsis Media & the New Mexico Education Channel are selecting a small group of high school juniors and seniors (Class of 2024 too!) to work with our team on a new television series, THE SHOP:


"In the heart of the city buzzes The Shop, where dreams brew and dramas unfold. Follow Julia and her eclectic crew as they navigate love, ambition, and the perfect latte in this quirky slice of life series."

The Shop was written by the interns at Katharsis last semester and will film three episodes this summer and there's plenty of room for new cast and crew to join the team.


In addition to working on The Shop, students in our summer intensive will produce a student short film and have the opportunity to work on professional film sets mentored by industry professionals.

THIS INTENSIVE IS COMPLETELY FREE, but slots are limited, so apply early. 

All students will finish the summer with footage for their reels / photos for their portfolios, a professional film and tv resume and credit on IMDb for all projects they work on. Their work will have a private screening AND be broadcast on Comcast Channel 96. 

The most promising students may be invited to join us for paid internships for the 2024-2025 academic year. 


Designed for high school juniors and seniors, the summer will include:

  • cast and crew roles on 3 episodes of The Shop

  • 5 day short film camp (written for teens, by teens--so probably a horror short)

  • optional special projects--1 to 1 mentorship on a professional film sets working on either a feature film or limited series 

  • film equipment training

  • rotation through different roles in film

  • and probably some wacky games, water wars and other teenage shenanigans (I mean, after all--it IS summer right???)

There will be both on-camera and production opportunities and students will leave with:

  • a greater understanding of the film industry

  • IMDb credit for all projects

  • footage for your reels / photos for your portfolios

  • a professional film resume

  • friendships and memories that will last a lifetime! 

Those students who show the most promise may be offered a paid internship for the upcoming academic year. 


June 3, 2024-July 26, 2024*

Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm


  • the student short fill will also film on Friday, June 21 from 9am-1pm

  • projects outside of The Shop and the student short film may have different (longer) hours, but students can decide if they want to work on them or not. 

  • Closed June 30-July 5.

  • We may be able to work around planned vacations or conflicts.

Base Camp:  

(in film this means the location where we start from each day)

Katharsis Studios

7911 Mountain Rd NE

Suite F

Albuquerque, NM 87110

NOTE: location will sometimes change and we will often go off-site.

Parents and students will be notified in advance of any changes. 

All staff are background checked through Albuquerque Public Schools

Intensive made possible by generous grants from Albuquerque Public Schools, Film Prize Junior NM, & The City of Albuquerque Department of Arts & Culture. THANK YOU!! 

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