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/trān/ verb. to acquire a skill through practice and instruction

Whether you are a veteran actor looking to sharpen your skills or an emerging filmmaker just getting started, we have training for every age and level. Our unique training programs follow a hybrid training model, with both classroom time and on-set training. All of our projects also receive IMDb credits, so with every production lab, you are also building your film resume. 

Looking for youth' classes? Check them out here:

Current Classes

Classes for Actors:

Script & Character Analysis

This course takes students through a deep dive into script and character analysis. The understanding of a script is the precursor to good acting and solid choices as an actor. This course is a self-paced course offered fully online. 

Acting for the Camera 1:

This course studies the theories of Adler and Chubbuck. It focuses on the vocal qualities of the actor: volume, pace, and pitch. In addition, it teaches actors how to act on their instincts and make strong choices. This course culminates with a monologue performance in front of a panel of talent agents and experts. 


Acting for the Camera 2:

This course studies the theories of Stanislavski, Meisner, and Checkov. It focuses on the physical qualities of the actor: posture, movement, and stage business. Exercises in improvisation further hone the actor's instinct and choice while also adding the ability to adapt to adjustments given by a director or unexpected circumstance. This course culminates with a showcase of recorded duet scenes actors may use in their acting reels. 

Advanced Acting Lab:

This course is a capstone course where actors take on a speaking role as a supporting or lead actor in a mini series, short film, or feature length film for broadcast on the New Mexico Education Channel. 

Voice Acting for Animation:

This course teaches actors the fundamental in voice acting--finding your voice, using pace, volume, and pitch to make bold choices, and creating unique characters. 

Voice Acting Lab:

This course is a capstone course where actors bring to life an animated miniseries for broadcast on The New Mexico Education Channel. 

Audition Technique:

This course teaches actors what to expect in both self tape and live auditions, how to apply adjustments in the moment, and covers the differences in auditioning for different types of roles.

Modeling for Print & Runway:

This course introduces actors to modeling technique, improving their performance in headshots and opening additional opportunities to perform.

Business & Marketing for Actors:

This course helps actors create their marketing package, resume, and Actor's Access accounts. 

Private Coaching & Career Planning:

Meet 1 on 1 with NM Education Channel Executive Director, Candice Neu, for individual coaching.

Classes for Filmmakers:

Writing for Television

This course breaks down the five acts of television and the many elements necessary to write an effective episodic for television, including bibles and beat sheets. Students work to write their own pilot episode. 

Creating the Pitch Deck:

This course explains the various parts of a pitch deck including treatment, lookbook, and bible. Students then work to create their own pitch decks. The class culminates with the opportunity to pitch projects to a panel of filmmakers, including producers from the New Mexico Education Channel. 


Preproduction Lab: 

This course helps students build a solid foundation for a successful production. They will learn to create realistic budget, schedules, shot lists, and storyboards. They will gain a thorough understanding of the different types of union and nonunion sets ana budgets as well as the importance of working effectively with actors and agents in the casting process.  This course begins work on a short film to broadcast on the New Mexico Education Channel. 


Directing for the Camera Lab: 

This course picks up discussing camera angles, directing and collaborating with actors, working with your cinematographer, and storytelling techniques. This course continues work on a short film to broadcast on the New Mexico Education Channel. 

Editing & Post-Production Lab:

This course walks students through the basics in editing and post production, teaching them to edit and color correct and grade their own cuts, add sound effects, foley, and music to create a polished product. This course finalizes work on a short film to broadcast on the New Mexico Education Channel. 

Funding & Marketing Your Project:

This course introduces filmmakers to the fundamentals of marketing in order to draw viewership and funding. Students create sponsor packets and crowdfunding campaigns as they work to fund their own projects, Students also learn about the New Mexico Tax rebate program and how to apply.  

Advanced Production Lab:

This course is a capstone course where students work alongside industry professionals to produce a mini series, short film, or feature length film for the New Mexico Education Channel. 

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