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48 Hour Magic💫

Pull up a chair and take a seat…

This week we’re back with a BANG-

If you didn’t know, Albuquerque recently kicked-off the annual 48 Hour Film Project– a competition where teams of filmmakers are given strict parameters to make a film all within 48 hours!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ron Tomaino, the new City Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project to discuss this thrilling competition and what’s to come in the following year.

Tune in this week to see my two very special guests, Ron Tomaino and John FreelyKirk (director of Slate 505), as we discuss their careers and how life has led them both to this moment in time.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in Season 3 Episode 16:

  • How to define True Crime

  • 48 Hour Film Project highlight reel

  • Is horror making a comeback?

  • And– the crazy thing that happened on my recent trip to Nebraska 😱 TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AT 9AM MST ON COMCAST 27! Or watch online at

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