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audition day affirmation

It’s a big day and you have to show a panel of people what you got.

The absolute best of you of course!

Here’s a pep talk and a few tips to get you ready to show up and show out.

First and foremost, steady the breathing in your body.

Let oxygen cycle through your body with ease and with every inhale and exhale you’re more settled in yourself.

Count 4 seconds in between the inhale, exhale, and hold. This is called ‘box breathing’

Now you have already won by just having the courage of walking through the door, don’t forget that. No matter the outcome this is another experience in your tool belt. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t moving forward.

Before walking in, imagine an orb of light within the center of yourself and send grounding energy downwards toward your feet all the way into the earth and then the other direction towards your head out from your crown to the sky above. This is a meditative visual technique that works in addition to not feeling frazzled or uneasy.

When introducing yourself speak from your diaphragm to sound nice and loud, eligible, and most importantly confident. This also gets your body in motion to breathe deep before you start singing if it’s a vocal audition.

Before beginning, visualize behind you any and all loving or supportive energy you’ve ever had or seen to call in. This may sound silly but feeling like you’re performing for the presence of support in any form you’ve ever received helps weigh out whatever may be the actual energy of the room.

Be in the moment! if you begin to sense you may be wondering off or having critical inner talk slow down by acknowledging what you’re doing one by one, a sort of one foot in front of the other kind of mentality and with every acknowledgment you must tell yourself one complimentary thing and soon enough you’ll be more present and get back to the next step which is of course to enjoy and have fun!

As said by a director of the Met Opera “We sing performances, not auditions…just give us a performance”

Ali Esmeralda Marin

Broadway Bound Live Season 2

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