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what you can control + other divine signs

You ever heard a story on how a legendary movie, show, album gets made and it’s filled with things going array, challenges, and obstacles, well it's true. And as great of a story that it makes it of course not as pleasant when you’re in the middle of it. When you pour so much of yourself, your soul, and hard work into something it's hard to calm the storm of the inevitable missteps and difficulties that come along with producing something amazing.

Control is a hard thing to let go of. Depending on the person it has a wide range of how much it offers someone a sense of safety and it’s a vulnerable thing to conquer with.

In my experience such as theater, whether it was behind the scenes or as an actress, I’ve seen how distressing it can be for everyone in the world to feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Or feeling even helpless sticking to their lane of worries.

I have learned that it is not so much what camp of thought you subscribe to but more so a sliding spectrum you balance the weight on.

  • Taking care of yourself first and thinking on what tasks and obligations are definitely you're is a good pinpoint back when you start spiraling on the picture at large. (not my monkey, not my circus…even if I may be a monkey in the circus)

  • Asking if you can help in any areas to others

  • Checking in on yourself regularly, keeping your head on straight.

  • Being flexible and adaptive, sometimes there really is no other way

  • Showing up as you want, not how the situation is presenting itself. Sometimes things are difficult and tensions run high, but better than being a sponge to the energies around you it’s so much more empowering to stand in the way you want to show up despite all else. Because you after all are only in control of yourself.

  • Iron sharpens Iron, uncomfortable situations might just be what you need.

Ali Esmeralda Marin

Broadway Bound lIve Season 2

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