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Benefits of Martial Arts for Acting

Good martial arts systems require more than just a strong body with fast reflexes and good techniques. Yes, these qualities can be great skills to have if you're interested in stunt acting and fight choreography! However, any good martial art system has a unique mental philosophy that can teach you how to embody that of a warrior, which is extremely useful when performing any warrior-like character.

The first way martial arts can benefit you as an actor is by preparing you for intense physical movement. Acting can be extremely physical! It's moving, dancing, jumping, fighting, and falling. Martial arts as a physical exercise prepares you in a lot of ways for all of these actions you may have to use while performing.

The second way martial arts can benefit you as an actor is by preparing your mind for intense characters. Many martial arts systems ask you to emulate a budo, or "way of war", mindset. This invloves emulating the idea that you are on a battlefield fighting for your life. This is something actors should be able to relate to because this is a common character you may have to learn how to play someday. It's fairly common for scripts to be about war and death, and so learning what this idea is and how to portray a warrior-like character is what many Martial Arts systems ask you to do while you're practicing.

It's important to learn about the strong, focused, and present side of yourself you may not have known was there. I noticed the impact my martial arts journey was having on my acting ability almost immediately. Not only was my body more conditioned for long days of rehearsal, but my mind felt more ready and prepared for jumping into different characters. It is in both of these ways that having some form of martial arts experience in your life can benefit you as an actor! Thanks so much for reading!

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