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Best Laryngitis Remedies for Singers

  1. Rest Your Voice! Stop singing for a while and take a break. This rest is crucial for healing your laryngitis!

  2. Drink Water All Day! Stay well hydrated throughout the day. Drinking lots of water helps lubricate your larynx!

  3. Gargle Salt Water! Dissolving a bit of salt in some warm water creates a quick saline solution you can use to gargle and help lubricate your vocal chords!

  4. Cough Drops! Lozenges and cough drops are a quick way to help relive some of the irritation and dryness in your throat!

  5. Osha Root! Osha is a plant used widely in the South West because it is a natural local anodyne (pain reliever). It strengthens the voice and helps with hoarseness. Navajo Singers are well know for users of this root because they have to sing for hours at a time! This root can be found in a lozenge form, spray form, tea form, or you could just chew on a piece of the root! (I buy bottles of Singer's Saving Grace on amazing, they contain Osha and other great natural ingredients!) But be warned, it's taste is very strong!

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