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how to find the perfect audition song

So you have a vocal audition coming up and you want to find just the perfect song to wow the casting director. Here are a few of my tips.

What is the style of the show you’re auditioning for?

It may be tempting, but you never want to do a song straight from the show you wish to be casted in, especially one of the characters you’re auditioning for. The directors may have a specific vision for how they want to portray the show and/ or character and you may be unintentionally pigeon-holing yourself to just your own interpretation. But this doesn’t mean you can’t perform a song that has a similar feel and vibe to the show.

Know Thyself (Technically)

Find your key! Try different diverse pieces and see which lends itself best to you and your voice. Research for resources on good warms-ups so you know you’re getting the very best out of your voice and not hurting yourself .

Know Thyself (Personally)

Find the beautiful marriage between challenging yourself in character study and feeling comfortable with your execution.

Been there and done that.

Try your hardest to not turn immediately to widely known, popular, and for lack of a better word overused songs. This is your "Don't Rain On My Parades” from ‘Funny Girl’ or your “Popular” from ‘Wicked’. Not to say that these are completely for the table, but it is good to keep in mind that the casting director has probably heard them hundreds of times and you may not even be the first to sing it that day. So if you do still have your hopes out on it try to bring your own life into it and deliver it with confidence, Which brings me to my next point.


You are ultimately being considered for the potential you can bring to the show so make sure you go in with the performer spirit. For the time you are in the room. Take up the space with your essence and give it your all, don’t leave anything at the door.

Ali Esmeralda Marin

Broadway Bound Live Season 2

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