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What a Vocal Coach has taught me

I'm terrible at starting these so I'm just gonna hop straight into it. A vocal coach has many benefits. They might tell you their tips and tricks to singing. Explain how to do something different. Give you the knowledge they've obtained over the years. So I'm here to tell you guys about things I've gotten from my vocal coach.

Now I've worked with two main vocal coaches Xavier Visage and Renato Estacio. These two people have taught me more about vocal things than anyone has since I've been a singer.

We'll start with Renato because he isn't my primary coach and has only taught me a few things. He has shown me how to get a good stance while still being relaxed and getting good air. He's also given me some pretty big compliments. I wish I could explain in words how to do his tips and tricks but it's very difficult and it's also different for everyone. Unlocking the jaw ability super important to be able to sing with power. It circulates the voice in the mouth and gives a more full sound.

Xavier is my main vocal coach and he's taught me so much. Different terminology for things, how to sing and act, how to use vowels. He's shown be how the breath before singing is almost more important than the actual singing. Getting a good breath to sustain singing and create a good character. Regardless of what you're trying to convey. In terms of vowels, depending on what singing style you're trying to go for. If you're going for classical then the vowels. While singing pop songs it doesn't matter as much.

In conclusion if you are planning on becoming a singer I would highly recommend. It's not needed because there are a bunch of youtube videos, but it's not the same as someone there telling you what to do differently. If you have some spare income and have a good recommendation for a vocal coach. Do it, what do you have to lose. Some vocal coaches might even do a first free session just to see what you learn.

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