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The Neu Agenda

Saturdays & Sundays at 9am MST on Comcast local 27 also available live online

Some people have a bucket list; some have a to do list. Some live life free from any list. Candice Neu has an agenda—a time conscious, action driven, and incredibly intentional list—of the many things she intends to accomplish, overcome, or experience in life. Join her every week as she meets up with fellow sojourners who are out there conquering obstacles and accomplishing their dreams.
What’s on YOUR agenda??

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The Green

Manhattan reflects on the pains of life and love as she contemplates what it truly means to be human. Script and Music by Joriah Kwame Flemming. Music arranged by Xavier Visage. 


Playing Games

Since Jake and Beckah's dad left, things have been really hard at home. Mom is depressed and rarely gets out of bed. Jake has to work to help pay the bills, and finds himself taking care of Beckah. In a moment of rage, Jake wishes he never had a sister-- and then she disappears. Follow Jake as he tries to bring his sister back after wishing her out of existence. 

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Broadway Bound LIVE

Follow 13 Broadway hopefuls through a semester of musical theatre training and rounds of elimination as they compete for a chance of a lifetime-- a renewable Director's Scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. 

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The Breaking

Sara is given to Greyson by her mother with the hopes of a better life. Greyson decides the dowry is too small,so instead of wedding her, he turns her into a harlot. Follow Sara as she and the other slaves fight for their freedom. 


The Green Room

Coming Fall 2022

A group of angsty misfits--the odd children of film industry folks--form an on-set club to pass the time while their parents work long hours in production. The discovery of an old video camera that summons film industry experts--current and historical--to divulge the secrets of filmmaking sets them off on wacky quests...

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