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Sponsor a Project

Sponsor a Project

Sponsoring a film project is a great way to build brand awareness about your business as well as to get involved in the fun of filmmaking. These projects are not film in-studio at 519, or at least not completely. They are short films, feature films, pilot episodes, or series that are filmed primarily on-location. When you sponsor these projects, you not only support the New Mexico Education Channel, but you also support New Mexico Independent Filmmakers. These are projects that will end up in film festivals or up for local or national distribution beyond the New Mexico Education Channel.  This type of sponsorship can open your business up as a vendor to a whole new audience--filmmakers and the independent film communities. There are opportunities for sponsorship, to gain IMDb credit, product placement, or to have your business as a featured location. Some projects even give sponsors special on-camera cameos.


When you sponsor a film project through Katharsis Media, Katharsis acts as the fiscal agent, so that your donation is tax deductible. It also supports our internship program, where we are providing on the job training to individuals entering the industry so they can meet their qualifying union days and gain valuable hands-on experience on live film sets.  Film projects receive 70% of your donation towards their production budget and the remaining 30% goes to support our interns working in the field. 

Each project is different and has different funding needs and benefits for sponsors. Below are the projects we are currently supporting. Check back often, as this list is updated regularly! 

Projects Available to Sponsor

Broadway Bound LIVE Season 2:

Synopsis: Broadway Bound LIVE is a televised musical theatre competition show that follows 18 young Broadway Hopefuls through 16 weeks of training and 8 rounds of elimination to produce a musical theatre champion--and recipient of a $60,000 scholarship to AMDA College of the Performing Arts in New York City. This show is also featured under our "sponsor a show" tab, because it is a Katharsis Media production.


Distribution: NMED 96, The Southwest Channel, Roku Channel: Freedom Lifestlye TV, and on every public access channel where we have contestants competing from. After the show premieres on all these networks, it will be available on Amazon Prime. 

Average Run Time: 45 minutes per episode 

# Episodes in Season 2: 16

Overall Cost: 

Season 2 will have 16 episodes and 8 competitive rounds. It will employ 15 crew members, 17 talent, and over 50 artists, with a total cost of nearly $165,000. Here's how the cost breaks down:

Crew Wages & Labor: $36,200 Contestant Classes: $9,984
Props, Sets, Wardrobe, etc: $9600 Equipment and space rentals: $14,000 Housing for contestants: $90,000 Royalties: $3740

Talent Wages: 9900
VIP Talent Accommodations: $4200

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