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A Triple What?

For my first official blog post, I'm going to be discussing a subject I absolutely don't think I'm qualified for and that is... becoming a triple threat. Now, you may be asking "what is a triple threat". That's an excellent question. A triple threat is someone who can sing, dance, and act all at the same time. Even just being a triple threat sometimes isn't even enough to be in this industry, but we'll talk about that in another blog post.

So, we know what a triple threat is, but how does one become a triple threat. The first steps are usually pretty simple, have some sort of ability between those three you feel confident in, or even just grew up doing. Perfect so now you're 1/3 a triple threat. Next thing I would do is find which one (between the other 2/3rds) you're kinda ok at and just work it. Study it, practice it, engrain it into your head whichever it is. If possible it's always helpful to find a teacher, but I understand not everyone has that luxury. After you've got that down you're now 2/3rds a triple threat. This last step is what I'm still on and in my opinion the hardest. For me it's dancing, but I get if yours is singing or even acting.

This last step is to complete the triple threat. You're gonna have to work even harder than you did for the 2/3rds because while you're learning this 3rd skill you have to keep practicing and perfecting the other 2. It will be difficult and it will take time. I'm gonna be honest some people aren't built for it, heck I don't even know if I am. But I love to do it, so it doesn't matter how hard it becomes or how many hours I put in, or even how many times I fail. I love doing it so it doesn't seem like work to me. Perfect so you have 3/3 skills and can call yourself a triple threat... well not quite.

Yes you have the skills individually and yes you can even call yourself a triple threat, but what makes musical theater specifically so difficult is that you're doing all three of these things at the same time. Some people with find that it comes naturally and that maybe it's even easier for them to act and dance while singing. They're able to match the moves with the words they're saying and can feel through emotions the words coming out of their mouth. Others it becomes a difficult task. Trying to balance the ability to sing while still being coordinated enough to move your arms and legs in the right order at the right time, but wait while you're doing that you can't forget to show what emotion you're trying to convey through your face and posture. Listen.. or I guess read (I don't know) it's an extreme challenge and getting even close to becoming a triple threat is going to take dedication and hard work. The looks you get from people when they ask what you do and you tell them that you sing, dance, or act is maybe even gonna hurt a little. However, it all becomes worth it when at the end of the day you're on that stage and you create literal magic. The feeling of being able to create something that can make people cry, laugh, or even get angry is incredible. There's very few feelings in this world that I can compare it to. That's why I love it so much, but that's also what makes it so daunting.

It's okay though because in another blog I'll talk about what to do if... no, when you mess up. Because truth be told you will mess up and you will make mistakes, but that's what makes us humans. Alright welp until next time ya read from me see ya then.

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