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always keep learning!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

- Maya Angelou

Growing your knowledge may be the single most valuable and exciting thing in this wondrous life especially as a creative. It’s what keeps the steam rolling and keeps you innovating. Adapting to change big or small only makes you better for it. Allow yourself the freedom to wonder about trying different things, ask questions. Anything that has ever intrigued you try your hand at it even if it’s growing your knowledge about it to understand it better.

Expanding your repertoire in your discipline and learning a bit of history can not only open your eyes to more possibilities but affords you the chance to bring new things to fruition.

Anything from honing in and concentrating more specifically or broadening your tool belt and learning a plethora of new skills. It should be fun and invigorating. Not settling or being comfortable with your limits shouldn’t be a chance to hold yourself to judgment and heavy criticism but should be treated as beneficial as encouraging to rising your star. I personally believe in the power of being “A Master of None.” The entirety of the quote is actually a lot more giving to the sentiment than opposed as it goes “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”Adding to your tool belt as artist makes you that much more of an asset and being comfortable in the uncomfortable of “a first rodeo” makes you that much more engaging and interesting of a person to work with. There is a sort of reclaiming to the act of learning for learning's sake and not necessarily holding much attached pressure or weight to it. I think that there shouldn’t be as much hesitation in learning new things and being held back by fear of being a beginner or god-forbid the dreaded “It’s too late to learn that.”The opportunity to be a beginner again is a privilege that keeps you healthy of mind, heart and soul and makes life all that more interesting. It is never too late for anything. That is but a discouraging idea sold to us to question why people would ever learn a skill that wouldn’t directly be used for monetary gain. Yet when you want to explore more of your creative landscape that experimentation with the new and unknown is crucial. The discoveries made are unique because they are all your own. Keep going towards the curious, in your craft, in your skills, and all the magic that can come out of it. You will never ever lose when you invest in learning and growing for yourself and the greater good of art.

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