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How D&D Can Help Acting

Updated: May 3, 2023

What is D&D? Well it's a role playing game... now hold up don't click away just yet. In this game you create your own story with other people, fight battles, conquer kingdoms, and maybe even start selling your own mayo. Anything can happen it's up to you.

I'm not saying playing this game will be the same as taking acting classes or even just being on sets. What I am saying is that this game requires quick thinking and good improve. A few wrong words phrased poorly could be your last. Me personally I like to immerse myself into a char


For example what does my character look like. Does he have a hunched back? A lazy eye? No Arms or Legs? It can literally be anything you want. It's all about creating a character that you can become. The crazier the character the harder it is to play them or relate to them. But think about it this way, what happens when you're given a character that you don't relate to. Whether they're the villain, the absolutely insane person, or any other character. How are you going to play them? Well this is where D&D can help. If you always play difficult characters you'll get better and better at playing those types of people. You'll start relating more and broaden your acting abilities.

It's not just physical either it's also mentally and emotionally. How your person feels throughout playing may sit with you. You may get attached to this character and start feeling real emotions when things happen to them. With this comes even more connection to acting. Being able to r

eally feel what they feel when it's happening is going to be key in acting. To be able to show how you feel while still saying what needs to be said.

Now I know this is probably one of the nerdiest ways to connect D&D to something, but really all you're doing when playing D&D is acting, imagining, and creating. It's so perfect and real. Don't even get me started on DMing where you have to play every character your players interact with. Having to switch on a dime and making sure you have enough distinguishing features between your characters is so important (or else the players might get


In conclusion you don't have to play D&D to be and actor, though some of the practice and tricks you learn may help your acting. Who knows maybe you'll get on a move or show about D&D and then it will really help.

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