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morning routine built for a star

How you start your day sets a course how the rest of your day will follow and as a busy, hard at work professional artist it’s important to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot.

Now that you’re awake from your well rested slumber (here’s to hoping it’s as close to the recommended 8 hours as possible) try not to immediately open your phone or lunge for any distraction. Make a connection with your body and the start of a new day with quick gratitude and deep breaths. You are about to go through your day exchanging energy with many. It's important to fill your own cup first.

After this it is good to do a quick stretch in bed even, you can graduate to a more formal stretch routine if you feel so inclined but more importantly it’s simply good to get your joints going and lengthen your spine as you have been curled up for the night.

Now finally up, make your bed! I know it may live in the school of tasks that as simple as they may seem are a drag but you’ll have a neater layout to your space off the bat and right away something you can check off your to do list all done.

Next of course a solid hygiene routine with all the usuals, something good to add if you have not yet done so is a skin care routine. Knowing what products are best for yourself and your needs and not just doing it for the vanity of it all but for self care and as a step to pamper yourself.

I’m a big fan of tea but pick your poison and take at least 10 minutes to journal. It can be about anything, last night's dream, things to remember for the day, worries you want to let go of or simply a stream of consciousness. It helps you be more mindful before you really get going.

Pick an outfit for the day that is as comfortable as an expression of how you want to present yourself to the big wide world.

Even if you may not be the biggest fan of breakfast it is a good habit to give yourself some fuel, a protein smoothie, fruit, or oats are good simple items that aren’t overwhelming like a full sit-down meal.

I’m a big fan of getting some form of exercise earlier in the day as it gives me a boost of energy and I’m not worried about not having reserved energy or time to do it later on. But any form of extra heart healthy movement is good and whenever it works in the structure of your daily schedule is the best time to do it

There can be a pressure to stick to a perfect routine with all the bells and whistles but as long as you slowly exchange any bad habits you don’t like for some good ones you’ll be one step closer to the self-alignment you wish for. And remember that life goes through different tides and flexibility is just as valuable as consistency.

Above all, afford yourself some grace and do great things!

Ali Esmeralda Marin

Broadway Bound Live Season 2

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