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Myths and Truths about Audience Etiquette

Updated: May 3, 2023

Here are a few myths, truths, and a little history behind them about audience etiquette for musical theaters. Hope you enjoy reading.

Myth number 1: Audiences should never clap between scenes and songs during a musical. While this can be true depending on the show and place it's being held. For the most part audience's are encourage to clap when when they enjoyed a song or a scene was really well done. There may also be times where the audience is encouraged to say something. For example during Matilda theres a song about how the dad gets all of his information from the "telly" or the television. Depending on where you're watching it you might be encouraged to sing along. My personal favorite thing is when I say or do something funny and people laugh. It might not always hit depending on the audience so just be ready to not take a pause and keep going.

Myth number 2: Audiences should come in nice outfits and be wearing formal attire. Same as myth number one, depending on the show you might want to heavily consider formal wear, however it isn't required and most theaters encourage people to be comfortable and wear what they feel is reasonable for a special occasion. There is not formal dress code however and nobody will stop you. Although if you wear just underwear someone might stop you. And if you wear pajamas you might get strange looks, but you do you.

Myth number 3: Soft conversing during a performance is ok. *incorrect buzz sound* Don't do this please. Save your thoughts for intermission or after the show entirely. You can talk while in the theater, but once the house lights go down then that mouth should be close behind. Soak in what's happening on stage and if you have a thought you want to remember maybe consider bringing a writing tool.

Here's a bonus tip I'm throwing in here. Use the bathroom before and wait until intermission to use it again. If you have a small bladder and you know you'll have to use it again before intermission maybe consider getting an outside seat or one near the doors. If at all possible just hold it until intermission.

Well that's all the myths about audience etiquette I have for now. If you know anymore let me know in the comments. Don't forget to like and subscribe... wait never mind wrong platform. Don't forget to have a wonderful day and maybe get outside a little. Until next time. See ya.

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