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Other Skills that Could Help

Some people think that you only need to sing, dance, and act. This is true most of the time, however sometimes you might be asked to have an accent, get hung up and fly, change your voice to be lower or higher, perform a stunt that could be dangerous. These are all possibilities. So having a few skills in your back pocket could be helpful and even take you to the next level.

My back pocket skills include... voice impressions, terrible accents, and being ok with getting a little hurt. I've also helped make a few sets and can work with power tools and such if they need help with the set they're making. I would like to be able to say I can perform stunts safely, but I'd probably lie and just get hurt. Sometimes I wish I could juggle, but I can't do that either and that's totally ok.

Confidence could be considered a skill and I think you need this to be succesful. Not just confidence in yourself but confident with your cast and crew. Being able to get up on stage with everyone paying attention to you. It can be a lot, but it's what you've prepared for.

Hand eye coordination is an also must. If you don't have that then dance is going to come very hard. Also you might need to catch something being thrown to you, who knows.

Last I'm going to talk about charasima. Being able to talk to people and being friendly and kind. Nobody wants to work with someone who makes everyone feel like trash. So just be kind. If you disagree with someone either don't tell them or let them know in a kind way. Some people are hard to be nice to and I get it, trust me. However if you're nice to everyone then your cast and crew will enjoy themselves and want to work harder. They might even try and get you on another show they like you so much.

Well that's it for today, Let me know in the comments any skills you have that might help you in shows. In conclusion some directors might request someone with a specific skill set so it's always good to have a few in your back pocket. Just in case.

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