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RnB singing: What is it and what's the history behind it?

Updated: May 5, 2023

The popular music genre "Rhythm and Blues" also known as "R&B" or "R'n'B" got its start in African-American neighborhoods in the 1940s. The traditional band lineup for commercial rhythm and blues music from the 1950s through the 1970s included a piano, one or two guitars, a bass, drums, one or more saxophones, and occasionally backup vocals.

The definition of "R&B" has changed throughout time, from being used in reference to blues recordings in the early 1950s to being used in a wider sense to refer to gospel and soul music, as well as musical genres that evolved from and featured electric blues. By the 1970s, the phrase "R&B" had undergone another transformation and was now a catch-all for soul and funk. A more modern R&B genre called "contemporary R&B" emerged in the late 1980s, which incorporates elements of pop, soul, funk, disco, hip hop, and electronic music with elements of rhythm and blues.

There are many different subgenres within "RnB" such as:

- Alternative R&B

- Christian R&B

- Neo Soul

And so many more!

Much like other genres of music, RnB is a form of speech. Many artists use their music to tell stories, whether about themselves or about others. Here's a little list of Rnb artists that listen to on the daily as well as my personal favorite albums or singles I think you all should listen to!


Favorite Song:


# of songs on the album:

- 23 songs

Total album length:

- 1 hour & 8 Minutes

Mac Ayres - Juicebox

Favorite song:

- Summertime

# of songs on the album:

- 16 songs

Total album length:

- 57 minutes

FLO - The Lead (EP)

Favorite song:

- Immature

# of songs on the album:

- 7 songs

Total album length:

- 20 minutes

Destin Conrad - Colorway

Favorite song:

- In the Air

# of songs on the album:

- 9 songs

Total album length:

- 14 minutes

If you do listen I hope you enjoy and get to take an amazing journey through each of the artists!

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