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What is a Triple Threat and How Do You Become One?

Updated: May 3, 2023

A triple threat is someone who has talent in the trifecta of musical theatre; acting, singing, and dancing. But this person can’t just be good at all three independently. Rather, they need to be able to do all three at once.

In order to become a triple threat you first have to hone all three of the skills. For acting, attend as many different acting classes and workshops as you can. There are so many different approaches to acting and I think it’s important to explore as many different ones as possible and find what approach works best for you. Additionally, everybody who looks at the same scene will interpret it differently, find different things within it and the exposure to the various different ways can really help you grow as an actor. Not to mention each class is a networking opportunity and definitely treat it as such.

Singing is the area that can be the most challenging and unfortunately, expensive skill to master. It is easiest to start young, and participate in school choirs. This not only helps develop your overall music skills and your singing, it really helps you learn how to sing with others and harmonize. If you’ve already graduated from schooling and are wondering what your options are, you have a few. I recommend finding a local community or church choir to sing with. Again, I do feel like learning how to sing with others, to blend your voice with theirs, to harmonize are crucially important. Additionally, I think getting a vocal coach is also needed to help hone this skill. This is where training can get a bit expensive unfortunately. I have only recently gotten to discover what it is like to have a vocal coach, and I cannot express how amazing it is. One on one attention with someone who is trained on singing can help you grow so much as a singer. Since working with my vocal coach (which has only been for 3 months by the way) I have extended my range by a whole octave. Something I didn’t think was possible for myself. They can help correct any incorrect techniques and really help you shine as a singer and performer.

And with dancing, again, I really recommend going to as many different dance classes as possible. And as many different styles as you can. Each different type of dance involves different types of movements and uses different muscle groups. This allows you to become a more rounded dancer overall. Plus it is super beneficial to learn from as many different instructors. Every teacher has a different teaching method and when you’re in the professional world you have to adapt to each choreographer’s styles.

Then you have to practice putting it all together. Being able to sing at the same time as dancing is definitely a skill that needs to be practiced. This is multitasking at its finest. Plus, you have to have the cardiovascular strength to be able to sing while dancing whatever choreography you’re given. In order to practice this you can run on a treadmill or elliptical (or just go outside and run). Either way, in order to truly become a Triple Threat, you have to not only master each individual skill, but combine them to create a strong performer.

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