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Writing an EP

As an upcoming artist, I had to learn about the different ways to write music as well as how to format my first EP (extended play). First I had to research what an EP was and the steps needed in order to make it clean and well put together.

An EP, or extended play, is a music release that typically contains more tracks than a single but fewer tracks than a full-length album. EPs can range in length from just a few songs to as many as eight or nine, but they are usually shorter than a standard album, which typically contains 10-12 tracks.

EPs can serve a variety of purposes for musicians. They can be a way to introduce new material between album releases, to showcase a particular style or theme, or to experiment with new sounds and ideas.

Once I learned what an EP was, I then began going step by step to make it nice and perfect to my liking.

Here are the steps I learned and took:

1. Define your concept:

  • Before you start writing songs, consider what message or theme you want to convey with your EP. Are you exploring a particular emotion or experience? Are you telling a story? Having a clear concept in mind will help guide your songwriting and ensure that your EP feels cohesive.

2. Write your songs:

  • Once you have your concept, it's time to start writing your songs. Experiment with different chord progressions, melodies, and lyrics until you find the right combination to bring your concept to life. Consider how each song will flow into the next to create a cohesive listening experience.

3. Arrange your songs:

  • Once you have your songs written, think about how you want to arrange them on the EP. Consider factors like tempo, key, and mood to create a dynamic and engaging listening experience. You may want to start with an upbeat or attention-grabbing track, followed by some slower or more introspective songs, and then finish with a powerful or memorable track.

4. Record and produce your music:

  • Once you have your songs and arrangement planned out, it's time to record and produce your music. Consider working with a producer or engineer to help you achieve the sound you're looking for. Make sure to pay attention to the details like instrument balance, EQ, and compression to ensure your songs sound polished and professional.

5. Release and promote your EP:

  • Once your EP is recorded and produced, it's time to release it into the world. Consider working with a distributor to get your music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Promote your EP on social media, through email lists, and by playing live shows to help get your music in front of new listeners.

With that being said, my first ever EP should be released by the end of this year! I cannot wait to start my journey as a musical artist. I tried my best to make the music fun yet meaningful! I hope you all enjoy it once it comes out!

Much love!

Simone Ari <3

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