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That's a Wrap 🎬

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Hi friends–

We’re wrapping Season 4!

And Wow!

It’s been a long ride…

I can’t express how thrilled I am for you all to join me in Season 5 - where we’ll be introducing NEU (see what I did there?) segments and more amazing new guests. So many secrets up my sleeve…. MUAHAHAHA

Ha! Sorry, that took a turn–

But seriously folks, it’s an exciting ride! And I want you to join me…

Tune in for my final episode of Season 4 where I’m joined by two fascinating and talented women - Author and CEO of Big Effin Treez Professor Nyce, and Author Melissa Velasco. We talk about all things writing, dating, love, and passion.

Follow and Support Our Guests

Follow Professor Nyce on IG: @professor_nyce @beccariamonarch

Check out her website and find her book on Amazon

Check out Melissa Velasco’s website about her new book Hollywood High Chronicles

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in Season 4 Episode 13:

  • Cannabis! (Need I say more?)

  • The Writing Process

  • How I Really Feel About a New Years Resolution

  • Intentional Moment: Final Step to Reaching Your Goal

TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AT 9AM MST ON COMCAST 27! Or watch online at or watch this episode here on Youtube!

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