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Updated: Feb 7, 2023


When is the last time you’ve done an audit of the people in your life?

They say you become like the five people you spend the most time with. So- I invite you, friends, take a hard look at your inner-circle and ask yourselves who in my life is holding me back, and who is propelling me forward?

It’s a question myself and my two guests this week have had to ask as we’ve journeyed to reach our goals…

After all, that’s what we’re all about here at The Neu Agenda - reaching our goals. It’s not always easy, but it could be the key to your success.

This week, I was lucky enough to pick the brains of Screenwriter & Journalist Devin O’Leary, and Film Director Joel Vallie as we tackle this very topic.

Join us as we look back at some of the most influential people in our lives and what we’ve learned and accomplished along the way.

Follow and Support Our Guests Find Devin O’Leary at

Follow Joel Vallie on IG @jvvallie & Twitter @joelvallie

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in Season 4 Episode 11:

  • Trailer for Beautiful Prison

  • The Comeback of Retro Gaming

  • The Importance of Choosing People Wisely

  • AND- How the Right Mentor Can Change Your Life! TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AT 9AM MST ON COMCAST 27! Or watch online at or watch this episode here on Youtube!

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